K.I.G. Ground Maintenance

Tree & Shrub Pruning

Trees and shrubs are just as important as lawn care. Not only do they compliment and complete your landscaping but they provide protection, privacy, and shade all year round. They are a critical element of your property and play a large role in how the rest of your yard is maintained.

Tree Pruning, Feeding, and Disease Control

Not all soil can provide the nutrients necessary for trees to stay health and ward off disease. Sometimes they need extra root fertilization to keep them strong. In addition, triming and pruning can not only improve a tree’s appearance but also keep it from stressful overgrowth, rotting, and potential loss. Trees take may years to grow and fill in. Maintenance is critical not only during growth but for the decades to follow.

Shrub Care

Shrubs need care throughout Spring and Summer. If not properly maintained they can detract from a otherwise well-maintained landscape. Shrubs also need to be trimmed in order to maintain their fullness, promote proper growth, and to fend off disease. We consider shrub and lawn care to be two essential parts of a healthy, well-kept landscaping plan.

Shrubs also suffer greatly from the impact of New England winters. Snow and ice often break and damage even the healthiest of shrubs. We work with out customers to protect shrubs against winters harshness and make sure they emerge healthy each spring. Ask us about our winter shrub protection programs. We build custom shrub tents and ice-safe covers.