K.I.G. Ground Maintenance

We provide our commercial and bresidential clients with attractive lighting options that will beautify, highlight, and secure their homes.  To guarantee the maximum dramatic effect, lighting schemes for your garden and yard require precision.  Our experienced designers will create a customized plan using fixtures and lamps that suit your needs and lifestyle.

Here are just a few ways to light your home:

  • Path lights: illuminate paths and entryways for safety and for a soft effect
  • Uplights: create a dramatic effect by lighting up fountains, statuary and other landscape features.
  • Accent lights: highlight walls and architectural features on your home or create a space to entertain guests and relax
  • Well lights/directionals: light branches of trees or create interesting effects to borders and specimen plantings
  • Safety lighting: provide safety and security, prevent slips and falls and make your property more visible for guests